HMS Talent Show

Got talent?  HMS wants to see you on stage!  Get the Talent Show Audition Form (linked below or see Mrs. Fallis)  and turn it in to Mrs. Fallis, C-118.  After you return the signed form, you may sign up for an audition time.


Auditions for this year’s 2017 HMS Talent Show will be after school on  Monday, October 16, Tuesday, October 17, and Thursday, October 19.  For students chosen to be in the Talent Show, the dress rehearsal will be Tuesday, October 24 and the show will be on Thursday, October 26.  More detailed information to come  – Audition forms linked above.


We applaud you for your decision to audition for this year’s HMS Talent Show and, we look forward to seeing you during the week of auditions! We are sure you have talent and enjoy performing, but we want to make sure you are prepared for the audition process. Your audition is the opportunity for the Talent Show sponsors to judge your talent and ability to perform. Therefore, you must come to your audition prepared to give your very best performance. Your audition must be as polished and prepared as if this were your actual performance in the talent show. The judges will only be able to select those acts which are truly ready for the stage – we cannot base our decision on what we “think” you will be able to do the night of the show. There are only a couple of weeks from the end of auditions until the week of the show, so your act must be ready for the stage. In order to help you better prepare for your audition, please look over the following audition tips.


  • Come a little early; be ready to perform when you are called.
  • Make sure all of the members of your performing group are present.
  • Memorize your music, lyrics and/or choreography.
  • Wear the costume or outfit you will wear for the performance.
  • Have your accompaniment music (cd or tape) with you.
  • Keep going if you make a mistake during your audition.
  • Be sure to practice in front of someone who can “critique” your act before your audition.


  • Sing or perform without your accompaniment – if you audition “a cappella,” you will perform the same way in the show.
  • Use a “karaoke” cd with lead vocals that you sing along with – make sure your Karaoke cd is a real accompaniment track. Anyone who auditions with the wrong type of backing track will automatically be disqualified.
  • Read or use your lyrics or music while you are auditioning.
  • Audition with music or acts other than the one you will perform in the Talent Show.
  • Make excuses. Do your best and hope for the best.
  • Criticize other students who are auditioning.
  • Select a song or act that is not school appropriate.

If you have any questions, please ask Mrs. Hoebeke, Ms. Murphy or Mrs. Fallis well in advance of the auditions! Don’t wait until your audition time!


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